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Gainesboro First UMC
Friday, November 17, 2017
"A Caring Community of Faith"

Our Pastor


Pastor Tim Dunavant, Josh, Staci, and Mikayla

Every year I am reminded that October is nationally recognized as Pastor Appreciation month. And I have to say that it seems a little unfair. Before moving to Gainesboro I never thought about it this way. But after having spent some time with this wonderful church family it got me thinking in a new way. I believe I need a Congregation Appreciation month.  

So I have decided that I am going to use October for this purpose. I will still send a gift to my pastor but I will also make sure that I utilize this time to remind you just what a blessing you are to me and my family.

My kids feel like they are a part of the church. They've never once come to me complaining about how a church member treated them unfairly. They have built friendships here that I know will last a lifetime. And I'm not even talking about other kids, I'm talking about with some of the adults.

Staci has felt accepted and free to be herself. Some churches expect the pastor's wife to behave as though they are on staff. But here, I think I have pushed her to do more than any church member has pushed. She has felt since the first day that she is actually able to come and worship as a part of the church family rather than feeling like it has to be a work day.

For this I am grateful. How my family has been treated is the most important thing to me. Even my dog Snowball has found grandparents in the congregation that are willing to love him as their own. And if that isn't enough, you have loved me well also. You have been willing to bend when I called for change. You've been willing to speak the truth when I am wrong. You've looked over my flaws and my failures. You've caused me to grow and to learn more and more. You've been willing to learn from me. But even better yet, you've been willing to teach me. I know that I am a better father, husband, and pastor because of the last year and a half that I've known you. And I know that when I am called to leave here, I will have learned more here than the sum total of what I knew before I came. I am reminded of a quote that I've heard from several people now.

"Your congregation will teach you how to be the pastor they need…. if you will let them."

I am thankful and appreciative that this is true in Gainesboro Tennessee.