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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
"A Caring Community of Faith"

Our Pastor


Pastor Tim Dunavant, Josh, Staci, and Mikayla

2017 is over. 2018 is here. I do not know what this new year holds but I can promise you one thing, it will not be 2017 again. You probably experienced some great memories of some wonderful times. You may have also had incredible pain and sadness. You may have lost some loved ones or gained some family and friends. Chances are pretty good for most people, that they did both. But as 2018 begins, it is a fresh start. It is a clean slate. And what will it hold for you, your family, our church, and our community? Don’t ask me. Because you do not just receive that answer - you play a large role in determining it.
            One thing that I can promise you about 2018 is that we will begin the year with around 9000 people here in Jackson County that claim they do not attend church anywhere on Sunday morning. The number that actually doesn’t attend is likely a little higher. And they are not waiting for you and I to tell them what time service starts or what events we have planned. In fact, they probably don’t want to hear anything about our church. And they don’t want to hear about what you and I think they need. Buy most people will listen to a “why” statement. Why is Jesus is important to you? Why is Jesus valuable in your life? And broad generalizations and generic statement don’t go very far. They are going to need specifics to be able to relate it to their life.
            In some communities, church people can get very focused on the church and building it. But if we, here in Gainesboro, will focus on Jesus in 2018 then we may see different results. If we focus on sharing Jesus with our community, we may see God‘s kingdom expand. And even if we only reach 1/2 of one percent of those people, then that is 45 people who now know Jesus! And if only a third of those ever come to church with us, that’s still 15 new people. 2018 cannot be a year of focusing on church growth. Like every year before it, it demands that we be kingdom people. That we stay focused on the author and perfecter of our faith. We must be focused on Christ if we are to be Christians.
Happy new year! And I pray that 2018 be the year that we see God use us to see his kingdom come to Gainesboro, His will done in Jackson County just as it is in heaven.